Annual Membership Fee

GUIDE SHARE EUROPE has a great deal to offer you and your organisation as a member. GSE's services for its membership mean that GSE

  • is a source of independent, cost effective and timely information and news about solutions, products and services
  • offers its members an escalation process to IBM senior management
  • organises highly-rated IT surveys
  • acts as a platform for contact with peer companies 
  • offers networking and contact opportunities with vendors, labs and development in technical skills
  • provides excellent value for money education, supplementary to other channels;
    - 20% discount on enrolment fee of IBM Technical Conferences and Training Courses in Europe
    - 15% discount on enrolment fee of IBM Technical Conferences in the USA
    20% reduction on the SHARE Conference Fee in the USA
    20% discount on the MTP one-day exam for Mainframe Technology Professionals

Since 2012 the GSE annual membership fee for Installation and Associate Member organisations
remained unchanged to EUR 840 or CHF 1’050 (Swiss Francs).

As of 01 January 2017, the Membership for Installation and Associate Member organisations will slightly change to EUR 880. Additionally, to avoid book losses, the Balance Sheet as well as the Profit & Loss Account will be established in EUR as of 2017 and not in Swiss Francs anymore, hence the preference to issue all invoices in EUR. If for one or the other reason, a company would like to pay in Swiss Francs, the amount remains as CHF 1’050.

This fee covers the cost of membership for a one-year period beginning 1 January, and entitles any number of persons from a member organisation to participate in GUIDE SHARE EUROPE activities and events at special GSE Member rates.

The GSE Individual Membership fee is EUR 388. The granting of Individual Membership is upon decision of the Steering Committee and only granted in exceptional cases.

The fee includes one free enrolment per organisation/membership for the GSE GUIDE Spring Event, the Industry Solution Council (ISC) and Management Advisory Council (MAC), though with a limited number of participants.

If you would like to receive additional information regarding our Association, or if you have any questions, please contact either GSE European Support Office (ESO) or your Region Manager.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Member of GUIDE SHARE EUROPE!

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