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GSE Working Groups

Working Groups are at the very heart of GSE

There are over 140 Working Groups across Europe where successful case studies are presented and practical experience in all aspects of IT is exchanged. As a result, better-informed decisions can be made by both individual members and member companies to ensure installations are more effective. The groups also ensure that all members are empowered with the knowledge to meet their professional challenges and are provided with a unique insight into future technology and solutions.

Working Groups are also key to identifying specific subjects, requirements and concerns that can then be explored fully as part of conference programmes.

Working Groups raise issues which are picked up for direct discussion and negotiation with senior IBM representatives, or which become the objectives of international projects. Active member participation in these groups is fundamental to the aims of GSE. As such, there are numerous opportunities to share ideas and solutions with industry colleagues, both on a regional and international level.

GSE Regional Working Groups

For information on GSE Regional Working Groups, please see the Regional Websites.

GSE European Working Group - European Enterprise Modernization for zOS

An European Working Group was created in 2005: “European Enterprise Modernization for zOS”. GUIDE SHARE EUROPE had a request from IBM to form a European Working Group focussing on WebSphere Developer for zSeries (the former WSED) and the formation was approved by the Regions Committee upon recommendation by the European Committee.

The goal of the group is to define requirements and influence direction of RDz from a customer perspective as well as to provide a quorum to exchange ideas and experiences concerning the use of RDz. It is an event from which attendees receive early information on upcoming functions, deliverables and directions in RDz. This requires the emplacement of security measures such as non-disclosures. The following major aspects of RDz are equally handled: EGL, z/OS and XML & Web Services. Over time the group may be expanded to include FA, FM, WSAA, …

For information about the European Enterprise Modernization for zOS Working Group, please contact Mads Zandersen or Scott Davis.

Next Meeting:
24-26 March 2015, Paris, France



European Working Group - Jazz collaboration Lifecycle Management Europe

GUIDE SHARE EUROPE has received a request from IBM to form a European Working Group that addresses platform independent (hardware) Application Lifecycle Management topics, concerns, and technologies.  The formation has been approved by the Regions Committee upon recommendation by the European Committee.

As Enterprises have merged, globalized and become dispersed, the need for collaboration has grown more important in software development. Enterprises normally have several locations, environments, platforms in use, each with different groups, all trying to develop software applications together to fulfill the enterprises's needs.  This European Working Group provides a forum for these enterprises to share their usage of Jazz and IBM Rational collaborative lifecycle management tools within their software development environments, with other enterprises.  The group will also be a vehicle for Jazz and IBM development to explain their product direction as well as the tooling itself. Through this face to face contact, a feedback mechanism for enterprises and development can be realized.

Contact: Christian Lindemann or Alexis Gaches or Tobias Braun

Next Meeting:
24-26 March 2015, Paris, France



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